About Cultured Foods

Opened in spring of 2017, Cultured Foods is a vegetable forward meal program by Chef Matthew Vasquez. Located in Jacksonville Florida, Cultured Foods offers a plant-based menu with a progressive, bold approach to cooking.

The menus at Cultured Foods place vegetables in the spotlight, featuring responsibly sourced and seasonal ingredients. Cultured Foods prides itself on being a “foodie’s” meal alternative – for vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, and carnivores alike.

About the Owner

Chef Matthew Vasquez, a pioneer of the modern plant-based food, opened Cultured Foods in 2017. His mission: to demonstrate the creativity and satisfaction of vegetable cuisine. Through his many years in restaurants and consulting, Chef Matthew has translated a carnivore's palate into a plant-base cusine to reach a broader audience.

Chef studied at Johnson & Wales University. In 2001 Matthew moved to South Carolina where he fell in love with the diversity of Southern agriculture. Currently he enjoys a home in Florida with his wife Kristy and dog Chico.

Chef Matthew is dedicated to making plant-based cuisine more approachable and accessible to the public.